Today, the majority
of waste is burned.

The majority of rubber and
plastic waste is not recycled
but is granulated or burned.

Creating significant
CO2 emissions

These incinerations create significant CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. This contributes to global warming.

Black Loop offers
innovative solutions

The creation of new natural resources
through an innovative, ecological
and profitable recycling process.

Create your own waste recycling sites !

Up to 2.6 t
less C02

per tonne of
waste processed


The new kind of recycling solution

We help you create an endless loop, transforming your waste into a new product, which can be reprocessed as many times as necessary. In addition, our processing methodology guarantees you very low CO2 emissions.

Designing materials and reaping the benefits, thanks to efficient recycling

Whether it’s plastic, used tyres or rubber, these sites are able to recycle between 24 and 48 tonnes of waste per day, or even more.

Depending on their composition, each of the original materials can be used to create several new products.

From Plastics


40 – 80%
Pyrolysis oil

10 – 20%
Pyrolysis gas

3 – 30%
Carbon Black / Ash

* ferrous metals from granulation and pyrolysis

From used tyres

and rubber

40 – 55%
pyrolysis oil

10 – 20%
pyrolysis gas

40 – 55%
Carbon Black / Ash

steel *

Black Loop has developed different techniques and guarantees a complete recycling of the original product.


Guarantees and commitments

Thanks to an innovative work process designed for their operation, these new units meet very strict specifications in order to produce in an eco-responsible manner, without skimping on quality.

New clean, suitable and high quality products

4 week test
with the customer
before delivery

Parts and machines
manufactured in
our factories

Modular design
for all unit

A verified process,
tested for decades

A closed process
preventing any

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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