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BlackLoop is the result of experience gained in the innovative field of recycling and recovery of waste tyres and plastics by pyrolysis.

We support you in your project from A to Z, from planning to construction, staff training to commissioning, to optimise and customise your business. Our consortium of European manufacturers is able to meet your needs worldwide.

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Thanks to our reliable and robust process, our end products are real raw materials, which can be reused in a production process. An endless loop is created, transforming our waste into tomorrow’s new products with very few emissions.

Our pyrolysis unit is powered by our own pyrolysis gas, no electricity is required.

An ingenious but simple construction with no expensive maintenance costs allows continuous operation for 330 days a year.

The same plant can process used tyres, plastics and wind turbine blades without any modification.

24/7 Worldwide internet remote monitoring is available.

The finished products (oil and carbon) are ready to be marketed or can be partially or fully used to generate electrical energy with the possibility of producing thermal energy from heat or cold.

We also have complete units for the treatment of carbon black.

The granulation of the various waste materials from 0 to 35 mm does not require fine grinding. This keeps our wear costs and maintenance requirements very low.

This innovative process allows a very low environmental impact while generating high value-added raw materials.

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